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Our Mission

A special squad of five veterans each representing a different branch of our great military made it their mission to support our brothers and sisters in arms with any assistance they need. Every mission has an objective and before any of our brave men and women enter a battlefield, they establish a safe area known as a landing zone. 

In honor of their heroic actions, we created The Landing Zone. Just like the ones on the battlefield we are committed to keeping those in The Landing Zone safe. Our vision of a family entertainment center with activities such as bowling, an arcade, restaurant and events venue, helps us advance our mission to help those that need it most. 

Like the men and women we support, we are quick to act when the situation arises. Whether it’s financial, legal, health, shelter, transportation, VA guidance or even those who have fallen through the cracks, our goal is to make sure every veteran knows that they have a landing zone they can safely drop in.